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Case Study

MLS Protection is a well-established family-run security business with many years of experience in the industry. In an attempt to improve their business processes and make administrative tasks painless, we built an administrative dashboard for the admins and a mobile app for their employees.

Prior to our engagement with them, the processes for screening, onboarding, scheduling, client management, and administration were done with pen and paper, WhatsApp groups, and Excel spreadsheets.

Typically, potential employees had to go through a long, cumbersome verification process, employees learned what they had to do each day in WhatsApp groups, while administrators manually entered all work information into Excel spreadsheets. This process required extra time, care, and effort and proved to be time-consuming, hectic, and error-prone for both managers and employees.

The Solution

A web application was developed for administrators and a mobile app for employees. The web app made it not only possible but easy for managers to:

And with the mobile app, employees can:

Of course, work has become easier for both employees and management.

The apps developed for the MLS Protection company give them more transparency and accuracy, saving everyone time and effort.

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